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Fix SG Optimizer Conflict

If you're using the SG Optimizer plugin because you're using SiteGround web hosting, you'll need to add a PHP snippet to your functions.php file to fix loading issues.

By default, the SG Optimizer plugin will attempt to modify the ShopWP JavaScript to improve performance. However, since these improvements are already made in ShopWP itself, we can turn the SG optimizations off.

Add snippet to functions.php

Open your functions.php file inside your WordPress theme and add the following:

function wpshopify_sg_exclude_handles($exclude_list) {

$exclude_list[] = 'wpshopify-runtime';
$exclude_list[] = 'wpshopify-vendors-public';
$exclude_list[] = 'wpshopify-public';

return $exclude_list;

add_filter( 'sgo_js_minify_exclude', 'wpshopify_sg_exclude_handles' );
add_filter( 'sgo_js_async_exclude', 'wpshopify_sg_exclude_handles' );
add_filter( 'sgo_javascript_combine_exclude', 'wpshopify_sg_exclude_handles' );