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Migrating Guide 4.0


After updating, the plugin will be deactivated. Once the update is finished you'll need to manually re-active the plugin.

ShopWP 4.0 is a major update to the plugin. With it comes a new name, new features, and many updates that may require some migration steps on your end.

If you haven't used any of the plugin's JavaScript or PHP hooks in your project, then you should be fine upgrading without any migration steps. However if you have, the hooks have probably changed. You'll need to perform a few steps to make them work again.

Also, if you have any plugin template overrides inside your theme, OR if you're using the Render API, you'll need to change all instances of WP_Shopify to ShopWP.

Things to do before updating

  1. Please backup your site. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, it's nice to have a recent backup to restore.
  2. If possible, perform the update on a staging site. This will allow you to test the changes without affecting your live site. If you don't have a staging site or need help setting one up, please contact your webhost. Most modern webhosts are happy to do this for you. And if they're not, move to WP Engine 😃
  3. Ensure that your ShopWP license key is activated inside the plugin. If your key is not set, you won't see the update notification.
  4. Compile a list of all the PHP and JavaScript customizations that you've made for reference.

Things to do after updating

  1. After updating, the plugin will be deactivated. You'll need to manually reactivate it again.
  2. After reactivating, some of you may see an error regarding "ShopWP\Bootstrap". In this case, you'll need to reactivate the plugin one more time.
  3. The plugin folder has changed from "wpshopify" to "shopwp". In the Pro version it has changed to "shopwp-pro". During the update process, WordPress should change this for you automatically. However, some server setups may not do this. If the folder does not change during the update the plugin will fail to display anything on the frontend. In this case, you'll need to manually change the plugin folder from "wpshopify" to "shopwp" via FTP. If you're unsure how to do this, please contact your webhost and they should easily do it for you.
  4. We recommend that you reconnect your Shopify store after updating to 4.0. Doing so will ensure you're using the new connection process. Please note that nothing will be lost when you do this. Your product detail pages and plugin settings will remain unchanged. To reconnect, go to the "Connect" tab of the plugin settings and click the "Disconnect your Shopify store" button. After this completes, click the "Begin the connection process" button and follow the connection wizard.

What has not changed?

  1. Template overrides. Any template that you have customized will continue working as expected.
  2. CSS class names.
  3. Shortcode names.
  4. License keys and your subscription have remained the same

What has changed?

  1. The plugin's namespace has changed from WP_Shopify to ShopWP. If you're using template overrides or the Render API, you'll need to change all instances of WP_Shopify to ShopWP.
  2. Some shortcode attributes have either been renamed or removed.
  3. Most of the JavaScript hook names have changed.
  4. Most of the PHP hook names have changed.
  5. The Orders and Customers functionality has been removed.
  6. Removed function get_images_from_post_id. Use get_product instead.

JavaScript hooks

Any custom JavaScript from your theme must be loaded after ShopWP loads it's JavaScript. This differs from previous versions. If not done, you will see an error that looks like this:

Uncaught ReferenceError: wp is not defined

In order to ensure your custom JavaScript is added correctly, reference the Using JavaScript Hooks guide.

If you’re linking to product detail pages, after updating to 4.0 you’ll need to go into the plugin settings, re-assign your “default” pages, and save the settings again. After saving, the links should work as expected.

Full list of breaking changes

Below is a full list of breaking changes in 4.0.

To check whether you need to update your customizations, copy each JavaScript or PHP hook that you're using and do a search on this page. If the hook has changed, use the updated name provided below. If the hook was removed completely, simply implement the workaround provided.

  • Removed shortcode attribute: title_size. Use title_type_font_size instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: title_font Use title_type_font_family instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: title_font_weight. Use title_type_font_weight instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: description_size. Use description_type_font_size instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: description_font. Use description_type_font_family instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: description_font_weight. Use description_type_font_weight.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: add_to_cart_button_font. Use add_to_cart_button_type_font_family instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: add_to_cart_button_font_weight. Use add_to_cart_button_type_font_weight instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: add_to_cart_button_font_size. Use add_to_cart_button_type_font_size instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: pricing_font. Use pricing_type_font_family instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: pricing_font_weight. Use pricing_type_font_weight instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: variant_dropdown_font. Use variant_dropdown_type_font_family instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: variant_dropdown_font_weight. Use variant_dropdown_type_font_weight instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: variant_dropdown_font_size. Use variant_dropdown_type_font_size instead.
  • Removed shortcode attribute: hide_wrapper. This attribute wasn't used before, so it's probably not applicable.
  • Removed shortcode attribute created_at. Use sort_by instead
  • Removed shortcode attribute updated_at. Use sort_by instead
  • Changed shortcode attribute variant_button_color to variant_dropdown_button_color
  • Removed JS hook product.addToCart.text. Use shortcode attribute add_to_cart_button_text instead
  • Removed JS hook products.showOutOfStockVariants. Use shortcode attribute show_out_of_stock_variants instead
  • Removed JS hook Use shortcode attribute left_in_stock_threshhold instead
  • Removed JS hook wpshopify.carousel.settings. Use shortcode attribute carousel_settings instead
  • Removed JS hook default.cart.title. Use shortcode attribute cart_title instead
  • Removed JS hook default.cart.checkout.text. Use shortcode attribute checkout_text instead
  • Removed JS hook before.checkout.message. Use shortcode attribute checkout_failed_message instead
  • Removed JS hook Use shortcode attribute show_inventory_levels instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.lineItems.disableLink. Use shortcode attribute lineitems_disable_link instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.lineItems.maxQuantity. Use shortcode attribute lineitems_max_quantity instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.lineItems.minQuantity. Use shortcode attribute lineitems_min_quantity instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.lineItems.quantityStep. Use shortcode attribute lineitems_quantity_step instead
  • Removed JS hook default.cart.notes.label. Use shortcode attribute notes_label instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.note.placeholder. Use shortcode attribute notes_placeholder instead
  • Removed JS hook wpshopify.cache.templates. Use shortcode attribute cache_templates instead
  • Removed JS hook Use shortcode attribute link_target instead
  • Removed JS hook misc.layout.containerWidth. Use shortcode attribute container_width instead
  • Removed JS hook misc.layout.mobileColumns. Use shortcode attribute mobile_columns instead
  • Removed JS hook product.buyButton.selectFirstVariant. Use shortcode attribute select_first_variant instead
  • Removed JS hook product.buyButton.resetVariantsAfterAdding. Use shortcode attribute reset_variants_after_adding instead
  • Removed JS hook product.buyButton.addedText. Use shortcode attribute after_added_text instead
  • Removed JS hook product.clearSelection.text. Use shortcode attribute clear_selections_text instead
  • Removed JS hook product.modal.settings. Use shortcode attribute modal_settings instead
  • Removed JS hook buyButton.quantityStep. Use shortcode attribute quantity_step instead
  • Removed JS hook product.variant.styles.colorSwatch.names. Use shortcode attribute color_swatch_names instead
  • Removed JS hook default.image.zoom.options. Use shortcode attribute image_zoom_options instead
  • Removed JS hook product.showSaleNotice. Use shortcode attribute show_sale_notice instead
  • Removed JS hook product.showOutOfStockNotice. Use shortcode attribute show_out_of_stock_notice instead
  • Removed JS hook default.image.placeholder. Use shortcode attribute image_placeholder instead
  • Removed JS hook product.title.class. Use shortcode attribute title_class_name instead
  • Removed JS hook search.placeholder.text. Use shortcode attribute search_placeholder_text instead
  • Removed JS hook shopwp.storefront.filterablePriceValues. Use shortcode attribute filterable_price_values instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.empty.text. Use shortcode attribute empty_cart_text instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.subtotal.text. Use shortcode attribute subtotal_label_text instead
  • Removed JS hook notice.unavailable.text. Use shortcode attribute notice_unavailable_text instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.lineItem.remove.text. Use shortcode attribute lineitem_remove_text instead
  • Removed JS hook Use shortcode attribute lineitem_sale_label_text instead
  • Removed JS hook before.cart.ready
  • Removed JS hook after.cart.ready
  • Removed JS hook pagination.loadMore.text. Use shortcode attribute pagination_load_more_text instead
  • Removed JS hook notice.product.addToCart.text. Use shortcode attribute notice_add_to_cart_text instead
  • Removed JS hook product.onSale.text. Use shortcode attribute sale_label_text instead
  • Removed JS hook product.image.soldOut.text. Use shortcode attribute sold_out_image_label_text instead
  • Removed JS hook notice.storefront.noGroup.text. Use shortcode attribute no_filter_group_found_text instead
  • Removed JS hook storefront.selections.filter.label. Use shortcode attribute filter_by_label_text instead
  • Removed JS hook storefront.selections.clear.text. Use shortcode attribute clear_filter_selections_text instead
  • Removed JS hook storefront.selections.available.text. Use shortcode attribute selections_available_for_sale_text instead
  • Removed JS hook storefront.sortBy.label. Use shortcode attribute sort_by_label_text instead
  • Removed JS hook show.cart.title. Use shortcode attribute show_cart_title instead
  • Removed JS hook show.cart.close. Use shortcode attribute show_cart_close_icon instead
  • Removed JS hook cart.title.text. Use shortcode attribute cart_title instead
  • Removed JS hook notice.product.addToCart.text. Use shortcode attribute out_of_stock_notice_text instead
  • Removed JS hook products.quantity.label.text. Use shortcode attribute quantity_label_text instead
  • Removed JS hook default.storefront.vendors.heading. Use shortcode attribute vendors_heading instead
  • Removed JS hook default.storefront.tags.heading. Use shortcode attribute tags_heading instead
  • Removed JS hook default.storefront.types.heading. Use shortcode attribute types_heading instead
  • Removed JS hook default.storefront.collections.heading. Use shortcode attribute collections_heading instead
  • Removed JS hook default.storefront.price.heading. Use shortcode attribute price_heading instead
  • Changed JS hook before.checkout to cart.isCheckingOut
  • Changed JS hook wpshopify.render to shopwp.render
  • Changed JS hook to cart.lineItemsLink
  • Changed JS hook cart.lineItem.variant.title to cart.lineItemVariantTitleText
  • Changed JS hook cart.lineItem.title.text to cart.lineItemTitleText
  • Changed JS hook product.buyButton.preSelectVariant to product.preSelectVariantById
  • Changed JS hook before.addToCart.lineItemOptions to product.lineItemOptions
  • Changed JS hook product.variant.styles.colorSwatch.value to product.colorSwatchValue
  • Changed JS hook product.variant.styles to product.variantStyles
  • Changed JS hook product.title.text to product.titleText
  • Changed JS hook products.variant.title.text to product.variantValue
  • Changed JS hook products.option.title.text to product.optionName
  • Changed JS hook product.missingSelection.text to product.missingSelectionText
  • Changed JS hook product.modal.settings to product.modalSettings
  • Changed JS hook products.buyButton.unavailable.html to product.unavailableHtml
  • Changed JS hook to misc.linkHref
  • Changed JS hook to misc.linkTarget
  • Changed JS hook wpshopify.carousel.settings to misc.carouselSettings
  • Changed JS hook on.cart.toggle to on.cartToggle
  • Changed JS hook on.cart.load to on.cartLoad
  • Changed JS hook on.checkout.update to on.checkoutUpdate
  • Changed JS hook before.checkout.redirect to on.checkoutRedirect
  • Changed JS hook on.checkout.note to on.checkoutNoteChange
  • Changed JS hook after.cart.lineItem.remove to on.lineItemRemove
  • Changed JS hook before.payload.update to on.beforePayloadUpdate
  • Changed JS hook after.payload.update to on.afterPayloadUpdate
  • Changed JS hook after.variants.selection to on.variantsSelection
  • Changed JS hook before.product.addToCart to on.beforeAddToCart
  • Changed JS hook after.product.addToCart to on.afterAddToCart
  • Changed JS hook before.product.variantDropdown.toggle to on.beforeVariantDropdownToggle
  • Changed JS hook after.product.variant.selection to on.variantsSelection
  • Changed JS hook product.addToCart to do.addToCart
  • Changed JS hook cart.toggle to do.cartToggle
  • Changed JS hook checkout.url to cart.checkoutUrl
  • Changed JS hook update.checkout.attributes to do.updateCheckoutAttributes
  • Changed JS hook add.checkout.lineItems to do.addLineItems
  • Changed JS hook remove.checkout.lineItems to do.removeLineItems
  • Changed JS hook set.checkout.attributes to do.setCheckoutAttributes
  • Changed JS hook set.checkout.note to do.setCheckoutNote
  • Changed JS hook to do.setCheckoutDiscount
  • Changed JS hook before.cart.checkout.button to before.cartCheckoutButton
  • Changed JS hook after.cart.checkout.button to after.cartCheckoutButton
  • Changed JS hook before.lineItem.title to before.lineItemTitle
  • Changed JS hook after.lineItem.title to after.lineItemTitle
  • Changed JS hook before.cart.title to before.cartTitle
  • Changed JS hook after.cart.title to after.cartTitle
  • Changed JS hook before.product.buyButton to before.productBuyButton
  • Changed JS hook after.product.buyButton to after.productBuyButton
  • Changed JS hook before.product.thumbnail to before.productThumbnail
  • Changed JS hook after.product.thumbnail to after.productThumbnail
  • Changed JS hook before.product.pricing to before.productPricing
  • Changed JS hook after.product.pricing to after.productPricing
  • Changed JS hook before.product.title to before.productTitle
  • Changed JS hook after.product.title to after.productTitle
  • Changed PHP hook wps_breadcrumbs_show to shopwp_show_breadcrumbs
  • Changed PHP hook wps_breadcrumbs to shopwp_breadcrumbs
  • Changed PHP hook wps_collections_all_args to shopwp_collections_all_args
  • Changed PHP hook wps_collections_single_args to shopwp_collections_single_args
  • Changed PHP hook wps_products_all_args to shopwp_products_all_args
  • Changed PHP hook wps_products_show_sidebar to shopwp_products_show_sidebar
  • Changed PHP hook wps_products_single_args to shopwp_products_single_args
  • Changed PHP hook wps_register_collections_args to shopwp_register_collections_args
  • Changed PHP hook wps_register_products_args to shopwp_register_products_args
  • Removed PHP function get_images_from_post_id. Use get_product instead.
  • Completely removed Orders and Customers functionality from the plugin. If you still need this data, send me a message on the Slack channel and I can provide a workaround.