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The [wps_cart_icon] shortcode displays a cart icon anywhere it's placed. It will open the slide-in cart when clicked.

Example Usage

// Overrides the default cart icon
[wps_cart_icon icon=""]

// Changes the icon background color
[wps_cart_icon icon_color="red"]

// Show icon without counter
[wps_cart_icon show_counter="false"]

Available Attributes


Changes the actual cart icon. Takes a URL to an icon image.

While you can use any type of image (.jpg, .png, etc) it's best to use an .svg.

Example: Customize the actual cart icon

[wps_cart_icon icon=""]

Live Example:


Changes the color of the cart icon itself. Default: #000.

Only works when not using the icon attribute.

Shortcode Example: Changes the icon color to #ff891e

[wps_cart_icon inline_icon_color="#ff891e"]


Changes the background color of the cart counter. Default: #6ae06a.

Example: Change the counter background color to red

[wps_cart_icon counter_background_color="red"]


Changes the text color of the cart counter.

Example: Change the counter text color to black

[wps_cart_icon counter_text_color="black"]


Whether to display a "counter" next to the icon indicating the cart quantity. Default: true.

Example: Hide the cart counter

[wps_cart_icon show_counter="false"]