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Useful CSS Snippets

Below are some useful CSS snippets that you can add to your WordPress theme.

Hide sale prices for variants not on sale:

[data-wpshopify-is-on-sale='false'] .wps-product-prices-compare-at {
display: none !important;

Hide cart tab when empty

You can hide the fixed cart icon in various ways. To hide the icon when the cart is empty:

.wps-cart-icon-fixed.wps-cart-is-empty {
display: none;

Hide cart counter when empty

You can hide the "counter" within the fixed cart icon—only when the cart is empty—with this CSS:

.wps-cart-icon-fixed.wps-cart-is-empty .wps-cart-counter {
display: none;

And to hide the counter within a standard cart icon (not fixed), use this CSS:

.wps-btn-cart.wps-cart-is-empty .wps-cart-counter {
display: none;

Change selected button colors

The below CSS will customize the variant button selected colors. Replace purple with the color of your choice.

.swp-variants button[data-is-variant-selected='true'] {
background: purple;
border-color: purple;

Remove "sale" text, but keep sale price

This CSS snippet will remove the red "Sale!" text over images, but keep the actual sale pricing.

.wps-product-prices-compare-at .wps-pricing-sale-notice,
.wps-component-products-images .wps-product-image-on-sale-label {
display: none;

Change color of subscription dropdowns

This CSS snippet will customize the background color of the subscription dropdowns.

[class*='SellingPlansListCSS'] [class*='MenuList'] [class*='option'] {
background-color: white;
color: black;

[class*='SellingPlansListCSS'] [class*='MenuList'] [class*='option']:hover {
background-color: black;
color: white;

Remove border radius

Sometimes your theme design will conflict with the small "border radius" that ShopWP puts on all it's elements. You can remove this border radius with the below CSS:

.wpshopify-variant-buttons button,
[class*='DropdownCSS'] {
border-radius: 0 !important;

Reduce the size of the ShopWP cart icon

.swp-icon.swp-icon-cart {
width: 23px;
height: 23px;

.swp-cart-icon-inline .swp-cart-counter {
top: -4px;
right: -7px;
width: 20px;
height: 20px;

Force all product titles to one line

.swp-product-title {
white-space: nowrap;
text-overflow: ellipsis;
overflow: hidden;