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Webhooks functionality is available through the official webhooks extension.

This guide is only applicable if you have this extension installed.

Available events

There are currently 12 events that you can listen to. Here is the full list:

Product create
Product update
Product delete
Collection create
Collection update
Collection delete
Order create
Order delete
Order edited
Shop update

Each event comes with a companion PHP action hook that will fire when the webhook runs.

PHP hooks

Before these hooks will work, you must connect the corresponding webhook within the ShopWP "Sync" tab.

Each hook below is linked to an example of how to use it.

Using the PHP hooks

To use the hooks, you need to add the PHP snippet to your WordPress theme's functions.php file.

Here's an example of using the product update hook:

add_action('shopwp_webhook_after_product_update', function($data) {
// Do something with new product $data

The $data variable will contain all the new product information from Shopify.

It's recommended to use a child theme when adding PHP hooks so they're not removed when updating your theme.